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It’s a cute, but somewhat lacking game. Atmosphere and art is phenomenal but gameplay is pretty bland. Not worth a ton of money; wait for a sale. Mechanarium is better imo. I suggest considering that instead, if you haven’t played it already.

The best game

I love how in this game there is a whole team, and the story line is very clear P.S. played game twice

Super frustrating

No instructions, no hints, end up running up and down the same brand 50 times. The creatures do next to impossible this one time and then are scared of their own shadows the next. I'm collecting keys and see a key but my monsters are scared of the scorpion and apparently only one of my creatures is useful, the rest are just there for moral support and would stand there and watch the useful on get eaten. I can't reason with them. I have buyers remorse.

Five stars for soundtrack alone!

I haven’t played the game but I purchased the soundtrack - it’s that good!

!!! Wow

Great job!! Wonderful graphic!!! All their three games are the most favorite !!

Best. Game. Ever.

This game is so good I don't know where to begin. Beautiful art, incredible music, very unique _and_ super cute little characters! I'm just sad I finished it :'(

Just love your smart ideas and pleasurable retreats!

All games created by this developer are so pleasurable. I always wish they were longer but know there will be other games and worlds to explore! So smart relaxing and really fun!


Great music and story. Delightful artwork!

Bad botanicula

Stupid pretentious waste of money. One star is too many.

Ignores mute setting on iPad

Bad this game up no it plays its music even if mute is on! No sound off setting within the game that I can find either.

Dripping Water Puzzle.

Please try to simplify the dripping water puzzle or at the very least please provide some in game hints so that you don't need to understand any high level math like the angle of refraction formula and the like too...

Amazing art, great gameplay!

I loved the art style throughout this game! Everything gave you the feeling of being back in a childhood fairy tale. The gameplay was fantastic as well! Every puzzle was intuitive and interesting enough to keep me playing the game. All over a great game and a good time.


Loved this game. It was fascinating and puzzling in a very good way. Only thing I could see being added is an into that explains what you are doing a little better. I was sort of confused at one point and stopped playing for nearly two years before I picked it back up again.


Though I loved this game, the drawings, humor, etc I am stuck that even a walkthrough, that I have used too many times, I can't get past it, very frustrating , does not make sense, if it weren't for the walkthrough , I would have not have made it to the place I am stuck, having to do things over and over and over, so sad

Stuck. Over and over. Level8.

I love the game but can't get the multi-eyed creature to hand over the star disk. Eight blue eggs, tried re-playing. Bummed. Playing on ipad mini and heard there is a workaround? NEED!

no hints?

loved machinarium, even loved the spider puzzle you had to do to get hints. (didn't love the arcade bit, but that is on my review for machinarium.) reaaally loved samorost 3! every part. the puzzle to get hints was much easier than the mach game, but still cool. where is the puzzle/hints on botanicula? like the game, but a bit far reaching with nowhere to turn for help. also, someone delete the review with spoilers in the first line?! almost didn't get cuz now i know how it ends...

Good game but how do I turn the sound off!

Great game but I just want to turn off the sound! Cant find it anywhere!!! This will ultimately ruin the game for me if It is not possible. I like to listen to books while I play and this makes it impossible.


I was first introduced to this company's work through Machinarium. So at time of purchase I had no doubt about a positive game play experience. The reason I am writing this review is so I can tell you about what a wonderfully joyful experience this game provides. Your Botanicula doppelgänger is so bursting with exuberant delight, it's almost evil. ✨

Best game I've played

I just finished the app games and wished they were more. This app really capture my attention, thought provoking and keep my desire to keep playing. The attention to detail animation, cool graphics, fun puzzles and strategy games keeps me playing and feel good about myself when I successfully attain each level. I'm not one who spends a lot of time on apps but this app is great! Even my 8yr old son loves it. It's definitely for all ages. More levels please .. I'll miss these little things of friends... woo hoo! Very nice creation and looking for forward to more apps from this company.

Utterly charming!

I love this game and was sad when I finished that last puzzle! The game got more challenging as I progressed and a few bits had me stymied for a while. I found that leaving it alone for a while then coming back gave me new perspectives I found that it is much easier to play on the iPad than the iPhone. There are few games that even approach this level of creativity! Thank you so much to the team who developed it. Bravo!

Please update worm/star maze *still agree*

I absolutely love this game. I loved Machinarium and Samorost. This is one of the most beautiful and happily bizarre games I've ever played. That being said, on a small iPhone, trying to pass the worm star maze is almost impossible. Please consider some sort of help for people trying to drag a tiny star with their finger through a maze they can't even see (fingers not being transparent and all). Thanks and I love your games!

Great game. Once you figure out how to play

Instructions at the beginning are non existent. But once I figured it out I couldn't put it down. One of my favorite iPhone games ever.

Stops working

This would be a great app if there were continuous play. It gets stuck, I follow designers' advice to uninstall and reinstall, I start all over, it gets stuck again. Very frustrating.

Love this game

Love this game, loved the graphics.

Loved it!

It's the first puzzle type of game I have played in a while and truly enjoyed. The characters are cute and funny and the challenges are just hard enough!


This game was beautiful, moving, adorable, compelling, and intuitive. And challenging! 100% do recommend.

Decent Little Adventure Game

Botanicula follows the industry standard rules for adventure puzzle games: the game won't let the player characters die and won't let the player do anything that prevents him from solving the puzzles and winning the game. Where Botanicula differs is in the puzzle controls. In Myst, nearly all of the puzzle controls are familiar and simple: buttons, levers, sliders, switches. In Botanicula, most of the controls are the bizarre organisms that populate the game world. On a tablet, a player operates Botanicula's controls by the same tapping and dragging used in other apps, but the player must find the organisms that can be manipulated, which are sometimes hidden behind leaves, and then must figure out how to manipulate them. That is the bulk of the gameplay. Once the controls are identified and the way to operate them has been discerned, there usually isn't much more in the way of puzzle solving to do. There was also one annoying and pointless arcade mini-game that must be won to continue, something that has no business being in a puzzle game. After all, the market is already saturated with arcade games for people who like them. I don't know why Amanita keeps putting at least one arcade mini-game in each of their puzzle games, but I wish they would just STOP. Minus one star for that. The puzzles aren't likely to stump experienced gamers for long, but gameplay is surprisingly satisfying. The graphics are colorful and have a quirky appeal. The sound effects for some puzzles are annoying, but on the whole, the game has a pleasant, relaxing vibe.


I get to certain points and can't proceed (I know what it is I'm supposed to do, but the game just gets stuck). I started all over and then the game stuck at an even earlier point. Frustrating waste of money.

Artsy game

This is an interesting game. It has incredible graphics, I enjoyed the soundtrack and it's actually entertaining. The puzzles are a good level of hard but not frustrating unless you omit to interact with a piece in the game. It would be awesome if you make more chapters because it's that good. I would buy another chapter. Well done.

THE most original game...

I have ever played on iOS. An utter delight for the eyes and ears and mind! Thank you, Amanita Design, for giving us such a treat! I can't wait to dig into your other games. Please keep churning them out! Botanicula 2, perhaps?


Loved it

best little adventure game

If the terms "heartwarming" and "adventure game" don't go together in your book, get this one. The puzzles are just challenging enough to keep you occupied, but more importantly, you'll fall in love with the characters you meet along the way (and the funny little sounds they make). This kept me entertained while traveling and gave me the warm fuzzies at the same time. Highly recommended!



Darn good

Darn good puzzle game. Worth every cent.

Wait, where is my save?

I was super excited to play this game but I think it needs more clear menu icons and choices. HOW DO I SAVE?? I got the game today and it seriously is such an amazing concept with beautiful graphics. I played until I was half way through finding the keys and then I went to do homework. I got back and I was back at the beginning! I really don't want this to happen again because that it one of the most frustrating things in a game. Also, the sounds of the characters are a bit loud. Overall, I want to play this game for as long as I can but I don't want to risk my save being lost. I'd really like some clarification on how to save or an update if it doesn't exist. That's why I'm giving it 4 starts for now. Great job!! EDITED: it's about a week or two later and honestly I'm so annoyed. I really want to play this whole game but I'm always sent back to the very beginning when I was at part 6. Can anyone help me maybe tell me why this is happening or can you guys maybe try to improve that? Once that is fixed I would love this game but right now it's just frustrating and I can't play because I know I'll be sent back again.


Worth every penny. It is so beautiful and well made. I could go on and on but the point is, I'll be buying their other games now.


Now available for itOUCH too! One of the best dev company's working today! Support them!

Awesome game!

Very fun and exciting game that lasted a long time.


Really fun puzzles and the soundtrack is genuinely gorgeous. The visual art rules too. It's a great way to spend some hours.

Hard but good

I liked this one quite a bit. Certainly worth what I paid. My only gripe would be that a couple of places required me to tap and hold. I was just tapping and didn't realize the hold was a dynamic in use. Also when you are holding you can't see if the action has happened. Minor problem to otherwise great game.

FUN! 😝😆

This game is great and challenging and fun, also with those cute little critters and creatures also the audio and graphics are amazing! And it is definitely worth $0.99.👏👍

I regret

I want to be paid back , i've allready uninstall it , what should i do to get my money back

So awesome!!!

I used to play puzzle games on the computer as a kid, like Putt-putt and Pajama Sam, the kind of puzzle games where you have to figure out your surroundings and find what's hidden. I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a game like that and I stumbled across it when I found Botanicula! I LOVE this game! I hope the producers continue to make more games like this, with the amazing animation and audio. I love these games! I look forward to exploring the others :) One thing to improve on: there was little to no way to access any help on the difficult levels as far as what to do. I had to reference gameplay videos just to get a hint on a couple of the puzzles

Fun, quirky, dark, I love it!

I wish there was more levels! I love this little game. My husband and I played it together and laughed at the quirky little creatures and their mannerisms. Fun game but finished it in a couple hours. I want more!

Way too complicated

I like somewhat challenging games--but I don't like games that explain absolutely nothing...which is exactly what this is. It's an app game, I shouldn't have to go search for walk throughs because I can't get past the second level. It's frustrating and stupidly confusing. Don't waste your money on it...I want my $0.99 back....

Stuck at pacman level

That level is unplayable with an iPhone 6. The tunnels are too small to move the little sun trough them and my finger covers it so I cannot see when it's getting stuck. I don't think I can go on. Do not buy on anything smaller than an iPad unless they fix that level to be beatable on smaller screens. One easy way to fix it would be to make the sun less "sticky" or slow down the worm. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

Sooooo boring

Worst $1 I ever spent.

So much fun!

From the sounds, to the animation, to the beautiful design and graphics, this little game is terrific. Incredibly fun and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I love this game!! The graphics are beautiful and the characters are adorable! I played through and even though parts are really challenging and require patience, I had a lot of fun! :D

Incredibly satisfying.

I don't play games often. I've only played little big planet and puppeteer because they are beautiful and adorable. My husband bought me machinarium on PS3 a while ago and I LOVED it. He found this game for me a couple days ago and I'm obsessed with it. I love how beautiful it is. It's so unique, original and unlike anything I've seen. The voices and music are so cute and funny. I finished the game over the weekend and it was such a pleasure. Having no instructions can be frustrating at times but it makes it challenging and rewarding when you finally figure it out. Money well spent. When people complain about spending $0.99-$4.99 on a game like this, I have to roll my eyes because think about the talent and hard work that went into making this game. I just saw they have a game called Samorost, I plan on buying it right now!

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